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Ads & Articles

Some Fun Memories

Have a look at some of the Ads and Articles promoting Head First back in the early and mid-1980s!  


Our Story

In the mid-80s, Head First was playing in venues around the Champaign-Urbana and Bloomington-Normal areas.  We had the most fun playing at Mabel's at the
University of Illinois where we built a strong following.

HF Promo Pic 2.jpg

Head First Press in the 80s

HF Golden Harvest Day.jpg
HF Gig Promo Template.jpg
Mardi Gras.jpg
Mabels 4.jpg
T-Bird 3.jpg
T-Bird 4.jpg
Mabels 5.jpg
Centerstage 2.jpg
Mabels 1.jpg
Mabels 3.jpg
HF Mabels and TBird.jpg
Mabels Gigs.jpg
Mardi Gras Mabels.png
Mabels Promo Sheet.png
HF Piatt County Journal Article.jpg
ISU Battle of the Bands.jpg
HF ISU Center Stage Battle opf the Bands.jpg
ISU HF Letter.jpg
ISU Battle of the Bands Student Center Promo.jpg
ISU Centerstage Backstage pass.jpg
HF ISU Centerstage Ad.jpg
HF ISU Editorial from Editor.jpg
HF ISU Editorial.jpg
HF ISU Editorial 2.jpg
HF Moseys.jpg
HF Roadhouse Promo 2.jpg
HF Roadhouse Promo.jpg
HF Studio 2.jpg
MARA Sept 23.png
Tribute Gp 8.png
Tribute 11.png
HF Tshirt Front & Back 8-4-23.png
BCDC New 2.png
Journal Republican Ad FINAL.png
WCIA On Set.jpg
WCIA Green Room.jpg
WCIA Green Room Kim and RB.jpg
BCDC Donations Actual vs Goal 9-28-23.png

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