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About Us

Classic 70s & 80s Rock (1983 - 1985)

Head First Logo B&W.png
JJim HS Photo.jpg
Eddy HS Photo.jpg

JIMMY rogers

lead vocals

EDDY eades

lead guitar

ROSS crotinger

rhythm guitar

RANDY brown

bass guitar & bvs

STEVE  howard

drums & bvs

Head First Album Cover.jpg

We named our High School band after one of our favorite Rock Groups - The Baby's - and a song off of their Title Track Album entitled "Head First." It captured the essence of a guy winning the girl of his dreams - while having a double-meaning of diving in head first to achieve a commitment.   

Babys Anthology.jpg

Head First always differentiated the sound of our group by mic'ing everything. 

We had a 12-channel powered mixer board and 100-ft audio snake which allowed us to mic all of the lead and back-up vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar via a direct box and drums and cymbals.

Gear 3.png
East End Tavern Bldg.jpg

Mr Eades - Owner of The East End Tavern Funded Our PA System 
What many may not know, is Eddy's father - John Eades - owned The East End Tavern in Monticello, IL in the 1980s.  Mr. Eades struck a deal with Head First to play gigs at the East End Tavern and around the local Midwest area to earn money to pay back the sound system.  We started playing there and in Champaign at Mabel's, The Thunderbird, Chico's and some other venues, as well as in Bloomington-Normal at Illinois State University, Mosey's, The Galery, Scotty's and other bar venues in the surrounding area.

East End Tavern Band View 3.jpg
East End Tavern Band View 4.jpg

CV Lloyd Audio - Champaign, IL (1980s) 
Jimmy, Eddy, Ross, Steve & I went over to CV Lloyd Audio in Champaign and bought a Yamaha system with $1,500 Mr Eades lent us.  We spec'd out a 12-channel Yamaha powered mixer, 2 Yamaha PA Speakers, a 100-ft audio snake and 12 shure microphones and stands.  It provided us an opportunity to travel around the area and play gigs with a great PA system!   

Head First PA System 1983.png

Mr Brown - Buys International TravelAll to Haul PA Eqpt, Drums & Amps 
To help us, Randy's father - John Brown - purchased an International Travel-All to haul the equipment around the Midwest to gigs.  We had a system that perfectly fit every piece of equipment in the cargo area!   



Pete McPheatters - Owner East End Tavern 
In 1989, Mr. Eades sold The East End Tavern in Monticello, to Pete McPheatters (pictured) who still owns it today. 

Interestingly, Pete watched Head First play in the 80's.  When we had the idea to play a tribute to Eddy & Jimmy at The East End 40 years later in 2023 - Pete without hesitation offered us use of our original studio (pictured below) in the basement of the East End where it all started. We spent alot of practice sessions here 40 years ago! We called it East End Productions!

To say the least, this was emotional while at the same time an awesome feeling to be practicing for the Tribute gig in this studio.   

Pete - Owner 3.jpg

Head First Studio - East End Productions

East End Productions.png
Studio Practice Area 2.jpg
Ear Plugs.png
Tribute 11.png

GEAR for the East End Tavern Event

For our September gig, we'll be using probably one of the best sound systems you've ever seen or heard in a local bar. 

We will basically be setting up a concert system in venue!

Here's a little summary of our equipment for the Sept 2023 TRIBUTE gig! 11,000 WATTS of power!  Earplugs highly recommended!

24 Channel Mixer.png
Rockville PA Speakers.jpg
Audio Rack.png
Crate PA Speakers and Amps.png
Audio Snake.jpg
Drum Mics.png
Instrument Mics.png
Power Conditioner.png
Peavey Floor Monitors.png
Rockville Floor Monitor.png
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